Change Log

A list of Pull Checklist product updates by date

  • 24th June 2023

    • What's better than github checklists? A blog dedicated to helping support learning about the Github pr best practices! We've now got a brand new blog and also a section dedicated to use cases so it's much clearer how you can use Pull Checklist in your every day work. Whether you're a devOps engineer, a computer science teacher or a data scientist we've got you covered.
  • 28th May 2023

    • We're excited to share some important updates aimed at enhancing your experience with Pull Checklist. We've introduced a fresh, modern branding to our marketing and product website. This vibrant new look, designed to reflect our core values, offers an intuitive layout for easier navigation and efficient information access.We've also upgraded the UX of the checklist editor, with an improved interface, new features, and refinements to existing ones. Our aim is to simplify and streamline the checklist creation process for you. We believe these changes will make your interactions with Pull Checklist more enjoyable and productive. We welcome your feedback and are committed to continuous improvement. Watch this space for more updates in the future!
  • 30th December 2022

    • This one is a very small change but a meaningful one all the same! We've updated the pricing on the site so it's clear what comes with each package. We've also added a new package called 'Enterprise' which is for larger teams. If you're interested in this package please get in touch with us at
  • 22nd December 2022

    • Nothing says let's go like a new feature! This time we've got a couple. We're helping you improve your git checklist experience but adding more rules to the engine. Now our smart checklists can detect words in Pull Request title and body and also when the size of a Pull Request is over or under a certain value. No more 1000 line pull requests.
  • The past

    • Many things were updated too many to say 😅 safe to say Pull Checklist now exists